BLUTEC Waterproofing is a family owned company that is known for using high quality membrane products, good communication and quality application services. We integrate our time schedules with your construction window to provide seamless transitions between fore and after trades.

We provide peace of mind by priding ourselves on following the FULL technical product data sheet of all products we use. Our "Secret" is perfect preparation of substrates, appropriate product selection for use and following all TDS's.

Our KM radius service window is 100KM N-S-E-W of CBD Brisbane. Our window of time required for the standard job is 1-2 Days, Leave it to cure for 24-48 HRS after application. Our staff are Cert III In Construction Waterproofing Qualified. Our joy is to waterproof well!

Residential Waterproofing - Internal & External

Residential Waterproofing application as a general rule of thumb is about managing the variety of substrates, installation designs, uses and client requests. We have found over time no two bathrooms are the same and our unique approach with in depth communication asks the right questions so that when its done once its done right. 

We will ask you questions around;

Shower Screen?

Floor Substrate Material?

Sheeting Used?

Screeded/ Non Screeded Room?

50MM Waterstop Angle? 

What size pipes/ Puddle flanges to be fitted? 

What style floor waste insert do you require? Smart Tile/ Stubby Grate? 

We usually quote off a standard room, this is roughly 2.5 x 2.5 has no niche's, bathtubs and shower screens. For that we provide the aluminium waterstop angle + All puddle flanges. We can then opt in to provide the floor waste grates customers to choose or can be provided at an extra cost. 

We usually need 1-2 Days to install + 24-48 HRS to dry before you schedule the tiler in. 

We sincerely look forward to hearing from you!

Commercial Waterproofing - Internal & External

Commercial services is a unique opportunity to demonstrate how Blutec Waterproofing is effective at working in with your teams. We undertake projects such as; Childcare Centers, Outdoor Playscape Areas, Hospital Rooftops, Hospital Wet-Rooms, Hotels and Multi-Storey Developments. 

For commercial projects most have technical specifications that are in the construction plans as specified by architects, we have accounts with the major suppliers; Parchem, GCP, Tamsi, Bostik, Sika and Ardex. These projects require on site visits, detailed measurements and we usually do this in an ongoing way, some projects even at tendering stage, following the construction through to completion and certification. 

Commercial projects are the highest risk with damage from other trades as sites often have short schedules and limited access points. Our point of difference is supervision for the critical window, clear signage and barricades to prevent this from occurring. 

Safety is a priority for Blutec Waterproofing we have a full WHS/ OHS Policy, SWMS and JSA's. Public liability insurance and all items tested and tagged. 

Please get in contact with us if you would like to receive a capability statements or a quote on an upcoming project.


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